Escort RS 2000 MK2 1977 Very nice original condition

The RS is in a very original, non-restored, very solid condition. I deliberately never had it restored to keep the patina and because it did not need to be as it has no rust.

The car has its original Dutch title with which it came in 1977. The car has been in the family for more than 15 years. I have used it in regularity events (i.e. no stage rallies) years ago. In the past 6 years it has been maintained to a very good condition, always stored inside, serviced with care. Technically the car is perfect. The RS comes with a fresh – no comments – MOT. The body is without rust, and has couple of small dings and scratches being in service for >40 years now. Never in accidents, straight through out.

The car has the following specs additional to the regular RS2000 spec (most original parts are present)
– FIVA identity card for international regularities (!!)
– Burton head
– Dual Weber 44 (original not with the car)
– Pedal box
– Short Steering Rack
– Ventilatet discs in front with wider calipers
– Special Leafs
– Deep dish steering wheel
– Koni yellow front, special camberplates
– Mini lites 7×13 (original ATS on M+S tires available)
– 60 liter tank
– Half roll cage
– Twin master
– Cibie Oscar (2x) (not mounted momently)

In the past 6 years I have driven around 3,000 miles – hence I’d rather let it go to someone who will enjoy it as much but a bit more as I have done.