VW Beetle 1600Inj Cabrio Champagne Edition ll Solid&Drivable

We are very lucky to have been allowed by the previous owner to buy this VW Beetle convertible. He agreed that after 4 years of stand-still it was time for someone else to enjoy the Blue gem.

This VW Beetle convertible is from 1978 and has the bullet proof 1600 injection engine. On top it is a limited edition Champagne II edition – which only cam in Ancona Blue combined with a white interior and ditto soft top. As a Champagne edition should, it wears it wood-look dash, including special clock and silver Wolfsburg signings with pride.

This Beetle can best be described as a technically very sound, stunning looking car with work-to-be-done-if-you-are-that-type-of-enthusiast. It has some minor rustspots, but nothing dramatically. The floor, fenders, doors are rock solid and the bug has never been welded.

We give him a proper maintenance with a fresh APK [MOT] with no remarks by the expert who did the technical check. The seats are refurbished with original materials, so the interior looks like new. The soft top could use a replacement though.

In any case, the new owner can drive away, enjoy and improve it as he or she pleases. A VW Beetle convertible, limited edition becomes quite rare these days. Not the point of a car like this, but some say it could be seen as a solid investment.
The Beetle has a Dutch registration, we can arrange  export/transport.

More pictures on asking available.